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2012-02-20 10:00:00
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DNS editing enhancements


We've been listening!  As a result, we've made some changes to our dns editing page

  • Pagination - If your zones are very large, pages can take longer than desired to load.  For zones larger than 250 resource records, the resource record section is now paginated. At the top of the resource record section on affected zones you'll now see a section similar to that below. This enables the page to load quicker and for you to jump to the relevant page right away.

  • Error checking - We've always checked every single record in your dns zone each time you make changes to your records and every time you visit the editing page.  We post details of errors and other warnings at the bottom of the page.  These sometimes went missed by users, particularly if the zone files were very large.  To help users locate problematic records more easily, we now highlight errors as per the example below. If you see a record outlined in red, check the bottom of the resource record section!

  • Automatic reverse zone maintenance - For those of you maintaining your own reverse zones, we've made it possible to specify related zones files and have the IP's and host names in that zone automatically updated when you make changes in your domains zone file. To associate a domain with a reverse zone, expand the 'zone file options' section and fill in the section with an existing reverse zone file already on our system as per the below image

  • Other minor fixes and improvements - We have made several other minor changes and improvements in order to improve your general dns editing experience.

We hope these new features help improve your DNS experience with us. 

Best regards,

Your CloudfloorDNS team.

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