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Web based DNS management

Our web based DNS service provides you with efficient, easy to use, and economical dns management solution.

You can have full access to our reliable and powerful DNS servers from anywhere via our web interface without requiring any additional hardware or software other than a web browser.

Creating a new primary dns zone Ease of implementationTry it free for 30 days
Our service is suitable for all types of organisations on the web including individuals, e-businesses, ISPs, web hosts and domain name registrars.

Once signed up you will be able to very easily add new domains to our servers by simply providing the domain name.

Your dns zone will be instantly created and the changes will propagate to all our dns servers within seconds.

Many companies rely on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or domain name registries to manage their DNS for them, but this often leads to problems. We know of numerous problems experienced by clients where it has taken weeks for a company to get their local ISP to fix their DNS problems. Can you afford to have a problem for this long?

Web based management
Your DNS control panel provides an informative display of all your domains.

From here you can edit zone files, add or delete domains, and manage the various other aspects of your zones.

CloudFloorDNS gives you total flexibility to manage your own zones. You are in total control of your DNS. Using our system, it is possible for people with even a very limited understanding of DNS to run their own zones. And, if you require help at any time, CloudFloorDNS support is always there to help. You could even take advantage of our managed dns service.

What makes us different?
CloudFloorDNS DNS has many features that makes life easy. Users often do not even discover some of the more advanced features for some time as many of these do not become apparent until you start using the system. Some of these are Template driven dns, bulk updates, logging, import, etc. Sign up and start using CloudFloorDNS DNS now!

DNS failures are said to be the #2 cause of web site failures. Why not outsource that burden? CloudFloorDNS maintains 24x7 hardware cover and performance monitoring on all the dns servers and software, 365 days a year.

At least 25% of all Internet domains are known to have DNS problems. About 50% of all Internet domains have DNS fault tolerance problems where a simple failure can result in your customers being unable to visit your web site or send you email. The best known example of this was in January of 2001 when Microsoft's entire site was down for over 24 hours because of simple DNS design issues. If you do business on the Internet, a properly functioning and reliable DNS is mandatory.

To partner with CloudFloorDNS and enhance the reliability of your web services, sign-up for some webzones and get started right away.