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Our Global DNS Network

Users on any of our plans have access to our global network of anycast and unicast nodes connected to major bandwidth providers. Enterprise users can take advantage of our Anycast Plus™ network that combines anycast and unicast nodes to improve performance and security. By selecting the plan you are interested in on the tabs above, you can see where our nodes are located.

Anycast Plus network

We've architected our Anycast Plus network this way because the shortest route to our DNS servers does not always deliver the best performance. In some cases, high traffic volumes to a nearby anycast node may ultimately result in slower resolution times than we can provide from a more geographically unicast node.

We have strategically placed some of our unicast nodes in the vicinity of high volume Internet traffic, but far enough away that we can offload the anycast nodes located at those high traffic points. Intelligence built into our network evaluates historical traffic patterns as well as current real-time conditions, enabling us to automatically select the best performing route for every query, ensuring you the fastest resolution time.

Another benefit of our Anycast Plus network is a significant increase in fault tolerance. When an anycast node fails, a large portion of the network could become unreachable. This is inherent in how anycast works, regardless of provider. By having unicast nodes as part of our network, they can quickly take over for the anycast nodes and continue to provide DNS resolution.

Benefits To All Customers

To further enhance the performance and reliability of our entire network, we're investing in a 100% refresh of our hardware, giving us the most up-to-date DNS network of all the leading DNS vendors.

Today we offer over 20 node locations around the world — including two in Mainland China and one in India, which are the fastest growing Internet regions — so that your queries are processed close to where your servers are. We are continually expanding our network to mirror the continued growth of the Internet. In fact, we welcome your suggestions on where our next nodes should be placed. Our current availability is shown above.

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CloudFloor DNS' CTO Imad Mouline explains how the ultimate enterprise DNS network is a combination of anycast and unicast nodes.

Global Network Locations

Atlanta, GA
Ashburn, VA
Amsterdam, NL
Berkshire, UK
Beijing, CN
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Frankfurt, DE
Guernsey, CHI
Hong Kong, CN
London, UK
Los Angeles, CA
Manchester, UK
Newark, NJ
New Delhi, IN
Paris, FR
Reston, VA
San Jose, CA
Shanghai, CN
Sydney, AU
Tokyo, Japan










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