Enterprise DNS service » Performance And Reliability Guarantees

CloudFloor's DNS next generation network and platform are built for extreme performance and reliability. Legacy DNS providers guarantee you a 100% uptime guarantee, but that's NOT good enough for peak web application performance. By choosing CloudFloor DNS, enterprise customers get the industry's first and only DNS Performance Guarantee, and all customers get the 100% uptime and reliability guarantee.

CloudFloor's DNS Performance SLA guarantees the performance of your DNS network using metrics that legacy DNS providers refuse to measure themselves against. Metrics included in CloudFloor's DNS Performance SLA include DNS resolution time, latency, and replication time. All of these metrics are measure by internal and external third party monitoring services.

When either of these metrics dips below our established limits, we provide substantial service credits based on your monthly DNS service spending through a simple support process. For complete details on our guarantees, testing methodologies and service credit award process, ask one of our sales representatives for further information.










"Clearsite has been running around 500 zones for around a year. Having direct control over all and any aspects of DNS, including failover and backup MX, has been great. Moving to specialist DNS services for domains is a no-brainer. Because it has gone so smoothly, we're increasingly using other of their services - mail hosting and registration. "
Clearsite Interactive