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How do I export my dns zone file information


How do I export my dns zone file?

If you need a copy of your dns information to pass to third parties, this is best achieved by exporting the zone file. Note - we do not advise you screenshot the dns editing page. The cloudfloordns platform provides some advanced functionality not replicable on traditional dns systems, so use the more compatible zone file export outlined below.

If you have the dns service enabled on any of your domains, go to the dns editing page. This can be done by clicking the icon in the domain management panel or by visiting the domain management panel and clicking the link to edit your dns (click domain in management panel or enter name into manage domain box on left of screen).

Once the dns editing page loads, scroll down to the collapsed 'Zone file in bind format' section and click the bar to expand the section. Your zone file in plain text format is then shown. You can cut and paste the text or click the 'download this zone file' link to download the zone file as a text file.


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