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Importing your own self signed DNSSEC zones

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CloudFloorDNS offers simple to implement 'one-click' dnssec where we provide the necessary key management. If you prefer to sign your own zones locally and provide us with a pre-signed DNSSEC zone for distribution to our servers, please follow the following procedure.

Login to your account

Proceed to the DNS editing page for the domain you wish to sign.

Expand the 'Zone file in bind format' section towards the bottom of the page. From this section you can cut and paste or download your zone file in the common bind format that most signing tools will recognise.

Sign your zone locally .

Return to the dns editing page and expand the 'DNSSec' section.

Expand the 'Advanced settings' panel

Using the 'Import self signed zone file :' option shown below, browse to the file on your hard drive.

Click the link/button to 'sign this zone'.

Note : Only the dnssec record types are imported. Other common records are ignored. It is essential that you sign the file you downloaded from ClourFloorDNS and not a similar file. Unless the file you upload contains records the same as the file you downloaded (exactly) the signatures will not match and dnssec verification will fail.

Incorrect configuration of dnssec can cause your domain name to fail. CloudFloorDNS takes no responsibility for the issues incorrect dnssec entries may cause, but we will endeavour to assist you in resolving any issues.



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