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Article ID : # Last review : 2006-01-26 15:39:00

Do you support internationalised domain names


Yes, Microtech DNS supports internationalised DNS via their punycode ASCII equivalents.

The current worldwide DNS system supports ASCII characters only, this means that domains such as

職業.jp or 雇用.jp (if you hold your mouse over these links you may see the real url)

cannot be entered into or supported by the current dns system.  To get around the ASCII limitation, these symbols are run through the ‘nameprep’ algorithm which translates the symbols to an ASCII equivalent.  This ASCII equivalent, prefixed by the four character string ‘xn‘ is used to create your zone file and is the name actually used for dns lookups.  Entering the full ASCII string into browsers supporting IDN’s will result in the ASCII string being converted into the proper language symbols, and vice versa.  IE7 has built in support for IDN’s, as does Firefox.

Internationalisation of the TLD, for example,  .中国 (.china in Chinese), is not supported by ICANN and thus is only available via domestic Chinese registrars.

Keywords: internationalized international IDN


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