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Domain transfer guide


General domain transfer guide

The following is a general guide in the safe transfer of domains between providers. Different procedures are used by the different registries in many cases, so the procedure varies depending on the domain type, .com, .uk, .eu, etc.

For all domains to be transferred in a safe manner, we recommend if you are changing your dns provider to us or elsewhere, do this first. Get your dns configured, change the name servers on the domain, wait 24 hours before initiating the domain transfer after verifying the name server change has taken place. Why? It's been know for a few providers to discontinue their dns service on transfer, even though the transfer has not yet completed. This can leave your domain in limbo for a week or more, so for live domains, this is something to avoid. If you don;t care if the domain stops working, you can safely ignore this advice.

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For .uk domains (the .uk system is excellent!), the process is fast, free (in most cases), and simple. To transfer a .uk domain simply request the transfer via our web site. You will receive an email with further instructions. All you need to do then is go to the current domain registrar and ask them to change the 'IPS TAG' as per the email we send you. As soon as they do this, the transfer is complete. This means that as long as the other side makes the change when you request it, you can move .uk domains between providers in minutes. Our own tag change is done in real-time. Not all providers can do this, so allow some time for them to make the change their end.

If a registrar tries to impose an 'admin' charge for leaving, you can in fact bypass them and transfer out via 'nominet' directly. This is also a good route if you no longer have access to the management panel, original provider, etc. As long as you are the correct legal owner of the name and can demonstrate that, nominet will normally allow you to move the domain via them for a small fee.

.com, .net, .org, and most other (especially US) domains. There are several steps when transferring these domains. Firstly, ask the current registrar to remove any 'lock' on the domain. 2, Ensure the whois contact information accurately reflects your ownership and has a working email address associated with the admin contact that you will be able to receive email to. 3, ask the provider to provide you with the 'epp' or 'authorisation' code. Once you've done this, it's time to request the transfer on our site. You'll be asked for the domain name, then at the end, the epp code. What happens then is that your epp code is validated with the provider and assuming the domain name is unlocked, we check the whois records and send an email to the listed email contact asking them to confirm the transfer (don't ask us to send the email elsewhere - we can't - those are the rules). Once the email contact authorises the transfer we ask the current registrar to provide us with the domain name. At this stage, as long as they don't object, it's generally just a matter of us waiting for them to provide us the name. This can take 7 days. Note, a few registrars allow you to pro actively approve the move either via their control panel or by you acknowledging an email. In these cases the transfer can be made to happen sooner.

Notes: Some registries do not allow the transfer of domains less than 60 days old.

If you want to transfer your UK domain away from Microtech to another Nominet member, please go here.

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