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How to move a domain to another Microtech account


To move a domain between Microtech accounts, go to the 'my account' menu. Select 'Push a service / domain to another account'. Enter a list of the domains you want to move, one per line, then the account holders email address you wish to move the domains to. Make sure this account is already setup. Once you press the button to confirm the move, the domains are immediately moved to the new account. The dns and domain configuration will be moved with the domain so no infromation will be lost. If the domain benefits from free services (such as a webzone), this will be removed from the senders account and placed on the recievers account. Other paid services are not moved, so it may be required that the reciever purchase additional webzones if they do not already have enough credit.

There is no chanrge to move domains between accounts.


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