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Article ID : # Last review : 2015-05-27 16:59:43

Locking and Unlocking a Domain Name


We suggest that you lock your domain names at the registry level to keep them secure. Locked domain names cannot be transferred to another registrar and this prevents them from any unauthorized activity without your approval

In most cases you can leave the domain name locked unless you wish to transfer it - a locked domain name cannot be transferred - you must manually unlock it first

To unlock a domain in order to prepare to transfer a domain, click the domain name in the management panel as shown below or enter the domain name into the quick manage box on the left of the screen.:

Domain Management Panel at CloudfloorDNS

Once on the domain management page, click the option to 'Unlock Domain' as shown in the screenshot below. If this option shows LOCK DOMAIN, then your domain is already unlocked.

How to unlock your domain at CloudfloorDNS

The domain name will be unlocked immediately. Please do not ask us to unlock domains for you as we cannot do this for security reasons.



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