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Article ID : # Last review : 2005-12-24 14:30:17

Transfering a domain away from Microtech to another registrar


To transfer a .uk domain away from Microtech, please see the transfers section of our web site. Transferring a UK domain away is immediate. If you are transferring another type of domain, your new registrar will handle the procedures for you and you should contact them for details of their procedure. All you need to do here is ensure your domain is not locked. There is no need to contact us.

Most domains cannot be transferred until they are more than 60 days old. Domains cannot be transferred if there is an outstanding balance owed on them or if they are locked. You can check the domain lock on your domains by clicking on the name in the management panel.

If you are transferring a .uk domain away from Microtech to another TAG holder, there is no charge providing you use the free and automated routines on our website. If you require us to make the changes manually for you there is a £35 charge to cover the extra time and security checks involved.


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