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Article ID : # Last review : 2006-10-31 00:00:00

A corrupted Outlook Express (not Outlook) data files do not properly track downloaded messages when


a. To fix this, find the location of your Outlook Express data files. This can usually be done through either 'Accounts' or 'Services' in the 'Tools' menu of Outlook.
b. Once you have the folder location of the of the Outlook Express data files, shutdown the program. You will then need to go to the data file folder and rename all pop3*.* files to pop3*.bak files. This will make backup copies of the corrupted files.
c. Restart the computer and start Outlook Express. This will create new pop3*.* files and should fix the problem. (Note: All files still on the server will be downloaded one more time. After this initial download, you should no longer receive copies.)



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