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I have been receiving two copies of email messages in Outlook when I check for new mail. What is go


This issue is quite common and is caused by a wide variety of issues. Here is a quick rundown of the problems and what to do to fix them (Note: This issue effects both Outlook and Outlook Express, for the remainder of this article I will refer to both browsers as 'Outlook'.):

1. Outlook does not properly track that it has downloaded a message when leave a copy of messages on the server is selected. Often, though not always, caused by a corrupted message on the server.
a. Start Outlook.
b. Click on 'Tools' -> 'Accounts' (or 'Tools' -> 'Services').
c. Select the 'Mail' tab, click on the problem mail account and click 'Properties'.
d. Select the 'Advanced' tab and uncheck 'Leave a copy of messages on server'. Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'.
e. Close the Accounts screen.
f. Press 'Send/Receive'. This will check your messages and remove all old messages from the server – including any corrupted messages. Either send yourself a test message or wait for new mail to arrive to see if Outlook is now working correctly. If it works, you can try turning 'Leave a copy of messages on server' back on. If the problem reappears, turn 'Leave a copy of messages on server' off permanently. If this does not work, continue through the additional solutions below.

If the problem persists you may delete read emails from your inbox using webmail at Our webmail product does not suffer from the same fault and will enable you to read / delete the email that outlook cannot handle.


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