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Articles in category 'FAQ General'
KB5371 What is a webzone
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  A webzone is a credit Microtech uses to provide you with certain services including dns, email forwarding, network monitoring, dns fail over, and more. The advantage of using 'web...
KB3055 Where are your name servers geographically located
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  Microtech currently has dns servers based in London UK, the Channel Islands, France, Canada and the USA. This provides a diverse infrastructure to serve dns for clients all over t...
KB3101 What is uptime
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  Here's a little bit about 'Uptime'. Firstly, in most cases, the uptime of single servers doesn't necessarily mean much to reliability when you are talking about major networks su...
KB3008 I have not used my dynamic account for a long time, now it does not work
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  To preserve system resources, free dynamic domains that are not used after a long period of time may be automatically removed from the database. You must al...

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