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What is a webzone


A webzone is a credit Microtech uses to provide you with certain services including dns, email forwarding, network monitoring, dns fail over, and more.

The advantage of using 'webzone' credits instead of subscriptions to specific services is that the webzones are refunded when services are cancelled and so can be reused for other services. For instance, you have dns for 10 domains, costing 10 webzones. You remove 2 domains. You now have 2 webzones free to add a further 2 domains for dns.

Webzones work for all our dns services. You can redeem them for normal static dns, dynamic dns, and secondary dns. Because of the flexible nature of webzones you can switch between these different services at any time.

All webzone paid credits last for 1 year. Webzones can be purchased here and managed or renewed from here

To see how many webzones you are using, and where, go to the 'my account' menu and select, 'my account' menu option. This page shows you how many webzones you have and how many you are using. You can click the 'where' link to see exactly which services each webzone is being used for.

Webzones may be provided free of charge on occasion, such as with .uk domains.



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