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Article ID : # Last review : 2010-08-27 00:00:00

How to access your backup email queue via webmail


The web mail facility for the backup email service allows you to view, delete, and respond to email via a simple to use interface in the event your own server is down. It is intended for use as emergency access to your email when your own server is unavailable.

In order to use this facility you must first enable the POP collection service on your backup email service queue and assign a password to the service. This service is disabled by default for security reasons. You can enable the service from the backup email management panel by clicking the 'options' link. You will need to tick the 'enable POP collection of the backup queue' option and ensure a valid password is assigned to the service. Once you have done this you will be able to login via the dedicated web mail interface here.

The login information required is

Email : This is used as the return address for any email you respond to. Ensure it is valid and appropriate

Login : This will be your backup email domain name, or if per user logins are allowed as with the business service and mailscan, your full email address.

Password : The password you assigned to the service in the options.

Once logged in you should be able to view your email and perform other operations such as delete, forward, reply, etc.



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