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Article ID : # Last review : 2015-06-22 17:44:49

Using Telnet method to monitor a server with Netmon

  Netmon offers a variety of different testing protocols/methods you can use to determine a server failure. One such method is using TELNET.

The TELNET method will allow you to monitor a server using the TELNET protocol on port 23 - the typicaly port for TELNET. This connects to the host using TELNET and if the TELNET connection is made, the test is deemed successful. To setup a TELNET test, you must first name the test, then select TELNET as the test type as shown in the screenshot shown below. You should then scroll down and input your server hostname as well as the port (typically 23) and save the test.

CloudfloorDNS TELNET Method for Netmon


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